Loft conversions: 5 ways to make use of your London loft

5 ways to make use of your London loft 4/2/2012

5 ways to make use of your London loft

1. Water world
If you want to install an extra bathroom in the loft, a powerful pump is essential to provide enough water pressure to give good flow. Installing a shower is a clever idea if you have the head room, because it will help to sell your house. If space is tight, just include bare essentials, but ensure each piece of furnitureis well designed and can stand alone comfortably. Wall-mounted taps will give your bathroom a contemporary feel and if there’s no room, think about storage with cupboards mounted on the wall and a washstand cupboard under your basin. A wooden floor will save cash and you could buy a high-quality rug if you want to keep your feet toasty.

2. A kids’ haven
Thinking ahead is the key if you are designing a space for the kids – in three years’ time they will not be into Bob the Builder or Disney princesses, so don’t over-theme. Remember that where kids are involved, safety is essential, so make sure the window is inaccessible and the blinds operated electronically. The stairs should be designed with child-friendly rails, so access is easy. With kids’ rooms storage is vital – they come with lots of stuff and that gets bigger and more prolific the older they get. Make lots of cupboard space, so you can put everything away easily. Floor space is another big consideration with kids – toys that can be built on the ground such as train tracks, puzzles and imaginative games need space to grow, so leave plenty of room. Finally, consider what they will need when they are teenagers – a space to study and power points for their endless gadgets.

3. And so to bed
Having an extra bedroom at the top can mean peace and quiet for mum and dad or it could be an elegant guest bedroom that will impress visitors. Open up the space by installing lots of windows so that light streams in. If room is an issue consider a sofabed that can sit under awkward A-frame beams. A loft room will absorb some heat loss from rooms lower down in the house and the size of most attics is also in keeping with a basic guest room, so there will be room to install a small basin with comparatively little extra cost, and a walk-in shower is an ideal accompaniment to the guest bedroom. Attic roofs slope, so plan space for clothes storage before you proceed with the conversion.

4. An ideal workspace
Whether you are setting up your own business or just want a quiet area in which to work, the loft can make the ideal office. As most home offices are only laid out with one user in mind, this can be a very cost-effective option. You will not need the whole space, so go for a part-conversion here. This saves money, and only uses the room that you need. Getting a phone extension to the top of the house is easily managed, and broadband and computer installation should not present a problem. Make sure you have plenty of natural light and electric light options, so you don't end up squinting at the computer. A wooden floor with rugs will keep it looking functional but comfortable and make sure you can fit in your desk and other furniture.

5. Exercise high
After a hard day at the office, why not work out in your very own loft-space gym? You can have the music on at just the right volume, and after exercising, what could be handier than being able to step straight into your own shower?



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